Friday, 4 September 2009

Are you an eagle in disguise?

I love this story!

One day a man was passing a farmyard and he stopped to ask the farmer why an eagle, was living with the chickens.
The farmer told him that it behaved like a chicken, it had never learned to fly so it thought it was a chicken. The man replied that surely the eagle still had the soul of an eagle and could be taught to fly.
After a bit of discussion the farmer agreed to see if the eagle could fly. The man picked up the bird and said to the bird “stretch out your wings and fly” but the eagle saw the chickens pecking around on the ground and hopped back down to join them.
The next day the man took the eagle onto the roof of a farm shed and held it up saying, “ stretch out your wings and fly” but the eagle was afraid and hopped back down to the chickens.
The next day the man took the eagle up to the top of a nearby mountain and held the eagle up saying “you are an eagle you should be soaring through the skies”. The eagle looked back down the mountain to the farmyard below but still he would not fly. Then the sun came out from behind the clouds and shone on the eagle’s back. He looked up into the sky and started to tremble then he stretched out his wings and soared into the air. He flew around majestically and then disappeared from sight.
The eagle may have missed his life as a chicken but he never went back to the farmyard because he was an eagle not a chicken.

So are you an eagle pretending to be a chicken? What’s holding you back from becoming all that you can be?

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