Monday, 16 November 2009

Wills are challenged

Many solicitors tell me that one of the areas of their business that is growing fast is the contesting of Wills. Many people assume that once they have made a Will that is the end of the story but increasingly it is not. Looking into this area I have been surprised by how many people are contesting Wills.
All this underlines how important it is to discuss your Will with the family so that all the possible contentious issues are sorted out. If families contest Wills against each other that is usually the end of all reasonable family relationships. We all want to leave a legacy but none of us want that legacy to be a split and unhappy family. None of us would like to think that our children will be quarrelling irreconcilably because of our actions or lack of forethought. We would all like our children to remember us fondly not as the cause of pain and stress.
Writing a Will that has been discussed and agreed with family members lifts a huge weight and worry off people's shoulders and it is not as difficult or as costly as people imagine. It is one of those things that we put off, some times until it's too late. So take action today. Get that Will sorted and ensure that you leave behind a happy family.